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over 2 years ago

Important info / reminders

Repeating some important info from the in-person announcement earlier:

- 8am Deadline tomorrow (Tuesday)

- Everyone needs to register on Devpost and all teammates need to be listed on the project in order to be eligible for prizes. The link to do that is The primary submitter can add other people with Devpost accounts to the submission. Please make your submissions good, as they may be used by judges in our discussion sessions. You may submit your projects and come back to edit them anytime before the deadline, so we suggest you start now.

- After the deadline, you'll be walked over to the keynote, then back for lunch.

- 12:30pm - 2:30pm judging at tables. Judges will come around, hear your pitches, and the final 8 will be chosen. Pitches should stay around 2 minutes long. You should start showing your project within 30 seconds of speaking. 1) State the problem and your solution (briefly) 2) Show your product (the most important) 3) Share what you'd like to do next (briefly)

- 4:15pm - Finalists announced in Session Room 220b. Everyone needs to be there.

- 4:45pm - Finalist pitches begin. 3min pitch, 2 min q&a in front of a judging panel, and with everyone in attendance to provide their Hackers Choice.

- Winners announced 12 Noon Wednesday at KP's session Building Sustainable Ecosystems (Room 220C)